A mysterious “Robin Hood” figure operating throughout Europe, reputedly responsible for a series of ingenious robberies and con games targeting criminal gangs and corrupt businesses. Little information is available on Baccarat, but as s/he has crossed swords with Guignol and lived , s/he must be both highly skilled and preternaturally lucky.

British Lion, the
Lawrence Ashburn, the famed English paranormal known for his brutal fighting style and his sonic “roar” attack. A London Metropolitan Police officer in his civilian identity, Ashburn operated with the full knowledge and cooperation of the British government. The British Lion was killed while foiling an IRA bomb plot in 1993.

Eagle, the
Codename of Derek King, Director of Field Operations for NEST from 1983 until 2001, when he was killed during Catalyst’s attack on NEST headquarters.

John Ware, a paranormal criminal possessing enhanced strength and the ability to alter his height from a range of 18 feet down to a few centimeters tall. Factor used his powers to take over a small town in Kentucky and keep the inhabitants enslaved for over a year. Ware is currently serving life without parole at ADX Florence.

Fenian, the
Donagh Lynch, a paranormal terrorist and former member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. The Fenian possesses enhanced physical attributes, enhanced resistance to physical injury, and limited super-speed. Lynch participated in the London Plot of 1993 that led to the death of the British Lion. Crippled by the British Lion during their final confrontation, Lynch is currently serving a life sentence in HM Prison Maze in Northern Ireland; he is the only prisoner still housed in the facility.

A terrorist, serial killer, and mass-murderer who has plagued Europe for the last two decades. His true name is unknown and no one has seen the face under his disturbing puppet-like mask and lived. While his stated goal is the accumulation of wealth and power, Guignol seems more interested in creating chaos and spreading terror. He orchestrates his crimes to inflict the most collateral damage possible in the most gruesome way imaginable; evacuating the Louvre by activating fire sprinklers filled with sulfuric acid is an example of his sadism. Guignol is a master of disguise and has exhibited gizmoteering abilities; it is not known if he possesses any other paranormal powers. Guignol is wanted by NEST and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Hexe, die
“The Witch”, a European criminal who claims to have true magical abilities. Despite her name, die Hexe is a very attractive woman with a wry sense of humor. She appears to have a romantic interest in Nachtwolf and often plans crimes designed to draw his attention.

A masked vigilante operating along the US-Mexican border, predominately in Juarez, targeting drug cartel members and corrupt government officials. A ten million dollar bounty has been placed on his head by the cartels. ¡Intrépido! operates in street clothes and a black luchador mask resembling the calacas used in Day of the Dead celebrations. He does not appear to have any paranormal abilities; however, as ¡Intrépido! has repeatedly resurfaced after supposedly being killed, he either has regenerative powers or multiple individuals are operating under this identity.

Jack the Lad
Richard Whittington, a British hero claiming to be the living embodiment of the city of London. As long as he remains with city limits, Jack the Lad possesses a wide variety of powers including enhanced endurance, limited mind control, and teleportation. Whittington has a rather spotty reputation in the paranormal community due to his often uncouth nature and penchant for using his powers for personal gain.

Jungle Boy
Darryl Decker, a paranormal criminal who operated on the East Coast during the 1980’s. Clad in a Tarzan-like costume that showed off his paranormally enhanced physique, Decker could generate fully-grown plant life out of thin air. Jungle Boy’s most famous caper was transforming the crowd at a Mets home game into wild animals and demanding a ten million dollar ransom to turn them back. He was defeated in this instance, as in most others, by the NY3.

Eliot Smith, a career criminal possessing enhanced physical attributes and a paranormal aptitude with any and all weapons. Smith’s expertise suggests he may also have paraengineering ability. A former member of the Gangster Disciples criminal organization, K-Machine is at large and wanted by NEST.

Libertador, el
Servio Borjas, a former paranormal vigilante and current president of Venezuela. Named after the leaders of the revolutions which gained the nations of Latin America independence from Spain and Portugal, el Libertador originally operated as a vigilante using a mask similar to those worn by Mexican luchadors. Not satisfied with “merely” battling street crime, el Libertador ran for the Asamblea Nacional and handily won his seat. He retained his mask while serving in political office, as he claimed the people voted in el Libertador and no one else. Enormously popular with the working and lower classes, el Libertador was an obvious choice to run for president after the death of Hugo Chavez. Upon winning the election, Borjas unmasked in public for the first time. As with Chavez before him, Borjas is an outspoken critic of United States foreign policies and has been labeled a threat to the stability of the Americas by the White House.

Italian master thief known for his daring robberies. His true name and identity is unknown. His trademark is a skintight black costume with a white skull mask, but Malvagik is a master of disguise and will usually undertake his burglaries in the guise of a noted policeman or other authority figure. One of his favorite tricks is to arrange for the police to chase after an unwitting dupe wearing his costume while he makes his escape. Malvagik has become something of a folk hero to the Italian people, and his popularity has only increased as the national economic crisis grows worse.

Monkey King, the
A Chinese adventurer possessing a variety of paranormal abilities including shape-shifting, enhanced strength, limited invulnerability, and flight. Nothing is known of the Monkey King’s background or true identity, though he claims to be the actual figure of legend.

Monkey Man of Dehli
A strange, monkey-like being plaguing New Dehli and other cities in India. Eyewitness descriptions vary, but the most commonly reported is that of a humanoid four feet tall covered in black hair and wearing a black metal helmet. Its claws are sometimes described as metallic as well. The Monkey Man prowls the rooftops at night, leaping from building to building and attacking strangers seemingly at random. So far no one has been seriously injured by the Monkey Man, though several people have died during the panics that occur when he appears.

Costumed vigilante operating in Berlin whose identity and abilities are unknown. He is believed to have close but unofficial ties to local law enforcement agencies.

Reynold James, a paranormal criminal possessing enhanced strength and limited invulnerability. A former member of the El Rukns criminal organization, James claims to be the protector of his South Chicago neighborhood.

The “Animal King”, a paranormal vigilante dedicated to protecting the forests and jungles of India. Paśurājā possesses great strength and agility, but his most impressive power is the ability to communicate with and mentally control all manner of animals. He claims this power is the result of his having been raised by a female Bengal Tiger since infancy.

Queen Ryu
Japanese paranormal and high priestess of a secret dragon-worshiping cult. Nothing is known of her background or identity, but she has exhibited several paranormal powers during her clashes with Defense Force Ultra, most notability the ability to summon and control a variety of giant monsters.

The “Rat King” is a German criminal mastermind who has often battled Nachtwolf over the years. The Rattenkonig claims to represent the homeless and downtrodden of Europe, and his spectacular crimes against the rich and powerful are calculated not only to provide him with wealth but inspire the lower classes to take up his revolutionary cause.

Ryu Rider
Japanese vigilante and reputed son of Queen Ryu that has aided Defense Force Ultra on several occasions. He is an accomplished martial artist and an incredibly skilled motorcyclist. He can also generate what he calls his “dragon lines”, trails of pure energy that follow in his wake while he moves at high speeds.

Sādhvī, the
A Hindu nun with a variety of paranormal powers, most notably healing and organic control. The Sādhvī has become a cultural icon, much to the concern of Indian authorities due to her (unproven) connections to Hindu extremists.

Ted Pilarczyk, Jr., a former collegiate athlete turned mob enforcer. Shatter is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and possesses the paranormal ability to see the weakest point in any structure, object, or organism.

Sheila Ann Baxter, a paranormal criminal with sonic energy projection and super-speed powers. Shriekback’s usual M.O. is to target armored cars while making their rounds. She is known to avoid violence whenever possible and will attempt flee confrontations rather than risk injury to herself or bystanders.

Super Black Cat
A special counter-terrorism operative of the Indian National Security Guard armed with state-of-the-art NewTech weapons and equipment. The identity and nature of Super Black Cat is a closely-guarded secret and it is unknown if he possesses any paranormal abilities.

Filipino paranormal whose telekinetic ability grants her the powers of super-strength, flight, and limited invulnerability. She is the national hero of the Philippines and a beloved cultural icon.

Theresa North, a winged paranormal possessing flight, enhanced attributes, and a specialized sense that lets her locate and track targets known to her. North claims to be a princess from another planet and she was betrothed to Blue Dragon by the rulers of their homeworlds. Her obsession with the Dragon has endured despite the public revelations of the his true origin and sexuality.

Velocity Girl
A paranormal vigilante with super-speed powers. Originally from the Midwest, she moved to New York City in the early 1980’s and operated as a member of the NY3. Her identity and current whereabouts are unknown.


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