King Pating

Megalodon Menace


Identity: Diosdado Manlangit
Occupation: Criminal
Other Aliases: the Shark Man
Gender: Male
Height: 9’ 7"
Weight: 610 lbs.
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Place of Birth:
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: None
Status: Active

Diosdado Manlangit is a gigantic humanoid shark with rough grey skin, a dorsal fin, and a large, muscular tail. His webbed hands and feet sport sizable claws and his mouth is filled with rows of serrated teeth. His voice is an inhuman, bellowing rasp. Since his transformation into King Pating, Manlangit typically wears nothing more than a pair of black swimming briefs.


Diosdado Manlangit was a petty criminal and gang member living in the Philippine city of Tacloban. After his physical strength and viciousness earned him the street name Pating (“shark”), Manlangit developed a fascination with the sea creature. He had images of sharks tattooed on his body and took to using the handle, “King Pating”, for his social media activities. Despite this postuing, however, Malangit seemed destined to remain a small fish in a rather small pond.

When Typhoon Yolanda struck Tacloban City, Manlangit was one of many victims swept out to sea by the storm. It was then that his paranormal powers manifested, transforming Manlangit into the king shark he had always imagined himself to be. Manlangit was overjoyed at his new form and abilities but was at a loss as to how to use them to amass wealth and power.

Shortly after his transformation, Manlangit encountered Dr. Prism and Hydro-Lord salvaging chemical weapons from a ship sunk by the storm. Manlangit introduced himself as “King Pating” and offered his services to the super-villains, who readily accepted. This alliance soon brought Manlangit into conflict with the Sentries and a brief tussle with Univox resulted in a embarrassing defeat for the shark man.

King Pating managed to elude capture but his pride was sorely wounded. He is currently at large and establishing his own criminal network from the survivors of his old gang. Manlangit still doesn’t have a good idea as to how to exploit his powers for material gain, and will probably end up extorting local fishermen or trying his hand at piracy.


Diosdado Manlangit’s body has been transformed into that of a giant, shark-like humanoid adapted for life under the sea. He can breathe underwater, swim at amazing speeds, and easily withstand the harsh conditions of the deep ocean. He can see clearly with only a fraction of the light required for human vision and can track prey by scent alone. Manlangit can still breathe air normally and survive outside of the ocean, but he is much more formidable in an aquatic environment.

King Pating can mentally summon and control all manner of sharks. Using this ability, he keeps a school of over-sized tiger sharks as his constant companions.

King Pating has superhuman strength and can lift in excess of 8 tons on dry land. His thick, sandpaper-like epidermis is incredibly resistant to damage. As with real sharks, the scent of blood can send King Pating into a feeding frenzy during which he will attack any nearby “prey” with near-mindless abandon. During his frenzies, King Pating’s strength and endurance are increased to even greater levels.

King Pating’s most fearsome weapon are his enormous jaws. He can bite steel beams in half and his rows of serrated teeth are especially damaging to flesh and bone. King Pating is still capable of speech despite the inhuman nature of his mouth; this may be a telpathic ability related to his power to control sharks.


Diosdado Manlangit is a textbook bully who uses aggression to mask his insecurities. He will dominate any conversation with tales of his own accomplishments and go out of his way to try and impress women with his physical prowess. He is merciless to those under his power but knuckles under quickly to anyone stronger than himself. Manlangit was thoroughly humiliated by his quick defeat at the hands of Univox and would jump at the chance to avenge himself upon the armored superhero.

King Pating keeps things simple and direct in combat, as one would expect from someone who tends to go into uncontrolled frenzies at the sight of blood. Manlangit’s favorite trick is a holdover from his streetfighting days; send in his underlings to confront the opposition directly while he slips around to pick off distracted or injured foes. (Only these days, his underlings are more likely to be giant tiger sharks than brutish gang members.)

Manlangit’s biggest handicap is his utter lack of imagination. Under the right leadership, however, King Pating would make for a brutal and terrifying opponent.


King Pating

PL: 11 (155 pp)

ABILITIES:: STR: 27 (+8) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 20 (+5) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 12 (+1)

SKILLS: Concentration 8 (+11), Intimidate 11 (+14), Language 1 (English), Notice 5 (+8), Search 7 (+8), Stealth 7 (+10), Survival 5 (+8), Swim 8 (+15)

FEATS: Attack Focus 2 (Melee), All-out Attack, Environmental Adaptation (Underwater), Favored Environment 3 (+1 Attack & +2 Defense Underwater), Fearless, Fearsome Presence 4 (DC 14 within 20ft), Improved Critical 2 (Bite), Improved Grab, Rage 1 (+4 STR, +1 Fort & Will, -2 Defense), Startle


  • Growth 1 (Permanent, Innate)
  • Immunity 3 (Cold, Drowning, High Pressure)
  • Protection 6
  • Strike 2 (Mighty)
  • Summon Sharks 2 (Fanatical, Horde, Progression 3)
  • Super-Senses 4 (Low-Light Vision, Ranged Detect Blood, Scent)
  • Super-Strength 3 (Heavy Load 4.2 tons, Max Load 8.3 tons)
  • Swimming 4 (250 mph)

COMBAT: Attack +8 (+10 Melee, +11 Melee underwater), Grapple +26, Damage +10 (Bite, Crit on 18-20), Defense +9 (+11 underwater), Knockback -5, Initiative +3

SAVES: Toughness 11, Fortitude 8, Reflex 8, Will 5

Abilities 40 + Skills 13 (52 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 41 + Combat 34 + Saves 10 – Drawbacks 0 = 155 / 155

Giant Shark

Power Level 5 / Minion Rank 2

ABILITIES:: STR: 15 (+2) DEX: 15 (+2) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 1 (-5) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 2 (-4)

SKILLS: Notice 6 (+7), Swim 8 (+10)


  • Growth 1 (Innate)
  • Protection 3
  • Strike 1 (Mighty)
  • Super-Senses 2 (Low-Light Vision, Scent)
  • Swimming 2

COMBAT: Attack +3, Damage +7 (Bite), Defense +5, Initiative +2

SAVES: Toughness +5, Fortitude +5, Reflex +4, Will +2

Abilities –4 + Skills 4 (14 ranks) + Feats 0 + Powers 5 + Combat 18 + Saves 6 – Drawbacks 8 = 30

King Pating

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