Identity: David Ward
Occupation: Oceanographer, Criminal
Other Aliases: Brian Essex, David Fremantle
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: White (formerly Blonde)
Eyes: Green (formerly Brown)
Place of Birth: Perth, Australia
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: None
Status: Wanted by NEST

David Ward was a rugged and tanned Australian with sub-bleached hair. After he gained his paranormal abilities, Ward’s skin turned green and his hair turned white. He wears a blue swimming singlet with matching wrist bands while operating as Hydro-Lord.


David Ward’s life-long love of the ocean and its mysteries led him to choose a career as a marine biologist. But graduate studies do not come cheaply, so David augmented his income by hiring out his boat and knowledge of the local waters to a smuggling ring. His status with the university made a perfect cover for his illegal activities and Ward began to build a reputation in the Australian underworld.

One day, Ward was hired to smuggle a crime boss out of the country. The mobster was wanted by both the authorities and his former cohorts and did not wish to leave a trail behind him. Once the boat reached open waters, the gangster stabbed Ward and left him adrift in his own lifeboat.

As Ward lay dying alone, surrounded by the ocean he had always loved, his paranormal powers manifested. He gained the ability to transform into “living water” and control liquids telekinetically. Ward used his new powers to return home safely and, eventually, revenge himself on his erstwhile employer.

Ward abandoned his old career for a new life as Hydro-Lord. He was at one with the sea, free to explore the deepest corners of the briny deep without the need of bulky equipment. No longer requiring human sustenance, Ward returns to the surface world only to indulge the vices he acquired while still an ordinary human. To pay for these pleasures, Hydro-Lord has resumed his smuggling activities and occasionally dabbles in a bit of piracy. This has brought him into conflict with law enforcement agencies worldwide, as well as the Sentries on several occasions.


Hydro-Lord is a hydrokinetic, capable of manipulating liquids through mental power alone. He can control volumes of up to 10 cubic feet without difficulty. Ward can use this ability to project a high-pressure blast capable of shearing away stone and metal. He can also form liquids into giant spheres to restrain and drown targets. Most sinisterly, Hydro-Lord can use his hydrokinesis to dehydrate a person to the point of unconsciousness or even death.

Hydro-Lord can exchange his physical mass for an equivalent amount of matter from the Wiser Dimension. This matter appears indistinguishable from ordinary seawater and Ward can stretch or shape into nearly form he desires. While transformed, he is also immune to physical damage, can pass through porous materials, and does not need to eat or breathe. Ward can maintain his liquid form indefinitely.

When not in liquid form, Hydro-Lord is still capable of swimming at astonishing speeds. He can also see in near-total darkness. When his paranormal powers manifested, Ward’s skin took on a green hue and his hair turned pure white. He can resume his natural coloration through concentration.

David Ward was an avid surfer before becoming a super-villain and he still has friends in the “beach bum” community worldwide. He has also retained his contacts in the criminal underworld and is considered the “go-to” guy if someone wants something brought into or out of Australia surreptitiously.


Hydro-Lord is not an ambitious criminal. He spends most of his time exploring the oceans of the world and engages in just enough larceny to support his (rather hedonistic) on-shore activities. This is fortunate for society, as someone with Hydro-Lord’s capabilities could become a terrifying menace if he so desired.

Hydro-Lord will avoid any caper that does not take place in or very near to a large body of water. However, this isn’t too much of a hindrance given that nearly every major city is situated next to a river, lake, or ocean. Smuggling and piracy remain Ward’s specialties, but he is quite willing to hire himself out as muscle for the right employer.

In combat, Hydro-Lord uses his transformation power to catch target off-guard, appearing and disappearing at random. He is not above killing his opponents, but knows that such tactics bring far more trouble than they are worth. Ward will be very careful to avoid energy blasters, especially those with heat or flame powers.



PL: 11 (179 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 13 (+1) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 16 (+3) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 15 (+2)

SKILLS: Bluff 6 (+8), Concentration 5 (+6), Diplomacy 4 (+6), Drive 3 (+6), Gather Info 6 (+8), Know: Earth Sciences 7 (+10), Know: Life Sciences 5 (+8), Language 1 (French), Medicine 3 (+4), Notice 5 (+6), Pro: Oceanographer 7 (+8), Search 3 (+6), Sense Motive 7 (+8), Stealth 5 (+8), Swim 9 (+10)

FEATS: Attractive 1, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Environmental Adaptation (Underwater), Evasion 2, Quick Change


  • Alternate Form 6 (Water)
    • Concealment 2 (Visual, Limited to underwater)
    • Elongation 4 (50 feet)
    • Immunity 9 (Life Support)
    • Insubstantial 1
    • Impervious 10
  • Protection 8
  • Super-Senses 2 (Darkvision)
  • Swimming 7 (250 mph)
  • Water Control 12 (10ft Cube, 7.6 tons)
    • AP: Blast 11 (Split Attack, Precise)
    • AP: Dehydrate 8 (Ranged Fortitude Damage Effect)
    • AP: Move Object 11 (Perception Range, Only Submerged Objects, 48 tons Max)
    • AP: Snare 8 (Regenerating, Suffocating, Entangle)
    • AP: Stun 11
    • AP: Suffocate 11

COMBAT: Attack +11, Grapple +16, Damage +11 (Blast), Defense +11, Knockback -10, Initiative +3

SAVES: Toughness 10, Fortitude 5, Reflex 10, Will 5

DRAWBACKS: Vulnerable to Heat Effects (+50% DC)

Abilities 26 + Skills 19 (76 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 77 + Combat 44 + Saves 14 – Drawbacks -3 = 184 / 184


The Sentries Preterite