Quick Man

Quick Man Go! Go! Go!


Identity: Katayama “Motor” Motoharu
Occupation: Superhero, Race Car Driver
Other Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Place of Birth: Okazaki, Japan
Known Relatives: Nobuko (wife), Tae (daughter), Satoru (son)
Group Affiliations: Defense Force Ultra
Status: Active

Katayama Motoharu is a Asian man of average height and weight. He rarely takes off his wraparound sunglasses. As Quick Man, Katayama wears the Defense Force Ultra uniform in a yellow pattern.


Katayama Motoharu was an up-and-coming Formula One driver visiting Tokyo with his family when Kaijusaur began his first rampage. Katayama had gone into the city to conduct some business while his family visited an amusement park in another part of town. He became trapped in traffic and could only watch helplessly as the giant monster headed straight for the Bunkyo Ward, where his family was located. Katayama abandoned his vehicle and began running towards the scene.

To his astonishment, Katayama covered the distance in seconds. Realizing he had manifested paranormal abilities, he used his new super-speed to carry his family to safety – back home in Okazaki. After he had evacuated the rest of the amusement park, Katayama followed Kaijusaur’s destructive path to see if he could help bring down the creature. He encountered the rest of the new heroes who would soon form the DFU. Together they successfully drove off the giant monster.

Katayama and the others became overnight sensations. They soon had a corporate sponsor, a major toy company, which supplied them with uniforms, a headquarters, and a name: Defense Force Ultra. Katayama took on the code name of “Quick Man” and became one of the team’s most popular members.

Katayama managed to juggle family, his racing career, and superhero activities for over fifteen years. He finally retired from the latter activity when Defense Force Ultra lost their sponsorship during Japan’s ‘’Lost Decade’’. When the DFU reformed in 2004, Quick Man rejoined the group in a limited capacity. He is actively searching for a protege to replace him on the team.

Like most of Defense Force Ultra, Quick Man’s identity is public knowledge. Katayama is considered a national icon, famous as both a superhero and a Formula One driver, and is recognized nearly everywhere he goes.


Quick Man possesses amazing super-speed. His running speed has been clocked at nearly 5,000 mph, so fast that he can skim across water without sinking and pluck bullets out of the air. He has also been observed creating whirlwinds by moving rapidly in circles. Most dramatically, Quick Man can use his speed energy to generate a trail of devastating electrical energy behind him; he has been known to take out small armies of adversaries with this trick.

Katayama Motoharu is a highly skilled race driver without numerous national titles to his name. It is widely believed that he would have been one of the all-time international greats if his racing career had not been sidetracked by his heroic activities.


Katayama Motoharu is a personable and energetic man. He is the most out-going member of Defense Force Ultra and more comfortable in the spotlight than even T-Man. He typically served as the group’s spokesperson as a result.

Quick Man serves as Defense Force Ultra’s point man, scouting ahead and sending back situation reports via Psi Girl‘s sensory link. Once combat begins, Quick Man’s first priority is crowd control, evacuating civilians and taking down any minions on site before joining the rest of the team in confronting paranormal opponents.


Quick Man

PL: 10 (155 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 12 (+1) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 17 (+3) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 13 (+1)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 8 (+12), Craft: Mechanical 4 (+5), Disable Device 7 (+8), Drive 10 (+14), Languages 2 (English, French), Notice 6 (+8), Profession: Race Driver 4 (+6), Search 5 (+6), Sense Motive 3 (+5), Sleight of Hand 2 (+6)

FEATS: Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focus (Melee) 3, Dodge Focus 4, Elusive Target, Equipment 1, Evasion 2, Fast Overrun, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Move-by Action, Redirect


  • Super-Speed 9
    • Electrical Control 9 (Touch Range Area Blast, 90ft Trail)
    • AP: Air Control 9 (Lt 2 ton, Med 4 ton, Hvy 6 ton, Max 12 ton, P/D 30 ton)
    • AP: Deflect 9 (Slow & Fast Projectiles)
    • AP: Rapid Attack 9 (45ft Radius)
    • AP: Running Strike 9 (+9 to Unarmed Damage, must follow Move Action)
  • Super-Movement 2 (Water-Walking, Wall-Crawling, Only While Running)

COMBAT: Attack +7 (Melee +10), Grapple +11, Damage +10 (Running Strike), Defense 14, Knockback -3 (-2 w/o Jumpsuit), Initiative +40

SAVES: Toughness 6 (3 w/o Jumpsuit), Fortitude 5, Reflex 10, Will 6

EQUIPMENT: Combat Jumpsuit (+3 Toughness), Commlink.

Abilities 26 + Skills 13 (52 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 53 + Combat 32 + Saves 12 – Drawbacks 0 = 155 / 155

Quick Man

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