Engine of Destruction


Identity: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Other Aliases: N/A
Gender: Unknown
Height: 150 ft (approx.)
Weight: 20,000 tons (approx.)
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: N/A
Group Affiliations: None
Legal Status: N/A

Kaijusaur is a titanic reptilian creature somewhat resembling an gigantic tyrannosaurus. Its appearance has differed somewhat over the years, most radically in 2004 when it was significantly smaller and sported bat-like wings.


Kajiusaur is a mysterious giant monster that has menaced Japan once every ten years since 1984. Its first rampage sparked the creation of Defense Force Ultra and its third appearance in 2004 led to that team reuniting after a six-year hiatus.

On the morning of November 3rd, 1984, a creature straight out of a Japanese monster movie appeared in Tokyo Bay. No advance warning of its arrival was detected and the behemoth trudged through the city destroying everything in its path. Several people in the area manifested paranormal abilities during the attack, and five of them banded together to drive Kaijusaur out of Tokyo and back into the sea, where the leviathan disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived.

Ten years later to the day, Kaijusaur once again appeared, this time in the sea outside Osaka. While the creature was even larger and more powerful than before, the five heroes who had driven it off previously (now known collectively as Defense Force Ultra) managed to repel the creature a second time, but only after much of central Osaka had been devastated.

Kaijusaur had changed drastically when it next appeared in 2004. The monster was much smaller and could fly with the aid of new bat-like wings, which led some to assume at first that it was an entirely new creature. Defense Force Ultra had been retired by this point, but an assortment of neophyte and established heroes banded together to battle the behemoth, which disappeared yet again after it had been driven back into the Pacific Ocean.

While the origin of Kaijusaur remains unknown, the date of its decennial rampages may offer a significant clue. November 3rd, 1954 is the day the classic film Gojira premiered in Japan. The date cannot be a coincidence and suggests that a devoted fan of kaij┼ź eiga with paranormal powers is responsible for the creature. As Kaijusaur has never demonstrated anything close to human intelligence, most experts agree that the paranormal in question has no control over the monster during its attacks. He or she may not even be aware that the leviathan is his doing.

Despite the plausibility of this theory, many other explanations for the creature’s existence have been proposed over the years. One of the most popular is that Kaijuaur is a manifestation of the Japanese collective consciousness, a physical representation of the fears shared by that society that springs into existence during periods of widespread anxiety. Others believe that Kaijusaur was an ordinary reptile that had been exposed to Wiser Energy and gained transformative powers as a result. A minority claim that the daikaiju is a native from the Wiser Dimension that has somehow escaped into our universe. Perhaps the least likely theory is that Kaijusaur is the creation of the Japanese supervillain, Queen Ryu; she has refused to comment on the matter.

Regardless of the creature’s origins, the government of Japan and the reformed DFU are preparing for Kaijusaur’s expected return in 2014.


Kaijusaur has demonstrated differing levels of power over the years, but some things have remained constant. It possesses unbelievable strength and is resistance to almost all forms of injury. It can project super-heated plasma from its mouth that can melt steel upon contact. It apparetnly does not need to breather and can stay submerged underwater for extended periods without ill effect.

During its last appearance, Kaijsaur could fly thanks to the wings it possessed in place of its usual arms. It is unknown if the being will retain this power in its next incarnation.


Kaijsaur is a entity of pure rage with no discernible goals or attack pattern. It simply turns up on schedule and begins demolishing everything in sight. The creature has shown a bit of animal cunning on occasion but plainly lacks true intelligence.


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