Doctor Graphene

Seismic Sentinel


Identity: Zachary Sumner
Occupation: Student
Other Aliases: Dr. Graphite, Dr. Graphic, Dr. Graffiti, Dr. Giraffe, Dr. Graboid, Dr. Grenadine, Dr. Gramophone, Dr. Generic, Dr. Genuine, Dr. Geriatric, Dr. Gazpacho, many others.
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Known Relatives: Andrea Lucero-Sumner (mother), Dylan Sumner (father)
Group Affiliations: The Sentries
Status: Active

Zachary Sumner is a strapping young man whose imposing physical presence is lightened by a ready smile. As Doctor Graphene, he wears a black and red jumpsuit with a graphene symbol pattern and a matching full mask. When entering combat, Doc Graphene surrounds himself in a protective layer of bedrock shot through with veins of magma.


Nearly twenty years ago, musician Andrea Lucero met contractor Dylan Sumner after a pub gig. The two hit it off immediately and soon became a couple. Within the year, Andrea learned she was pregnant with their child. When she shared the news with Dylan, she also revealed her most important secret: she was the superhero known as Sting. Despite being shaken by this disclosure, Dylan was elated at the thought of becoming a father and asked Andrea to marry him. The two were wed in a small civil ceremony with only Andrea’s immediate family in attendance.

The next morning, Andrea awoke to find Dylan gone. The note he left behind revealed that he, too, was a paranormal – a professional criminal that had clashed with the Sentries in the past. Dylan went on to write that he still deeply loved Andrea and wanted their child to bear his name, but he felt he must remain apart from them for their own safety. He promised to support them both to the best of his ability and would always watch over his family from afar.

Dylan kept his word and sent funds regularly. Andrea knew the money had to be ill-gotten and refused to spend it. Instead, she placed it in an escrow account for the child, a boy named Zachary, to decide what to do with when he reached maturity.

Zachary, meanwhile, has grown up into a bright and capable youth. With two paranormals as parents, it was no surprise when he began demonstrating super strength and the unique ability to move and shape earth telekinetically. Zach decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps and operate as a superhero. Andrea has agreed under the condition that he continues with his formal education and follows her orders in the field.

Inspired by the strongest mineral known to science, Zach has chosen the codename, “Doctor Graphene”. He completed Sentries training with flying colors and has just started undertaking team missions. Doctor Graphene is the first of the second-generation Sentries and it is hoped he will serve as an inspiration to those who follow.


Doctor Graphene is a geokinetic, capable of moving and shaping earthen material with the power of his mind. He has been recorded moving loads up to 200 tons and can form earth, minerals, and rock into simple shapes such as shields, platforms, and bubbles. He has used this power to ensnare opponents, bury enemies under a tidal wave of stone, and tunnel through the earth at high speeds. He also uses this ability to cloak himself in a protective layer of rubble during combat. Doctor Graphene is still learning the extent of his geokinesis and may be capable of many more feats.

Graphene possesses super-strength allowing him to lift in excess of six tons. He also has a remarkable endurance and natural resistance to injury.

Doctor Graphene has undergone basic Sentries training in first aid and computer science and has recently met the minimum requirements to pilot the Sentries Shuttle. He is being tutored in paranormal combat by the White Dwarf and has proven himself an excellent student.


Zachary Sumner is a friendly and outgoing youth who is active in school drama and music programs. However, his outer cheerfulness masks an inner darkness, and Zach’s desire to be a superhero is not entirely altruistic. He has always longed for the father he never knew and believes that a career with the Sentries is his best chance at reuniting with him. Still, in his few outings with the Sentries Zach has proven himself a reliable teammate, and the protection of innocents remains his top priority.

Doctor Graphene is still a novice superhero who has not yet settled into any predictable fighting style. To the contrary, he is a clever and inventive opponent who constantly comes up with new ways to use his powers.


Doctor Graphene

PL: 10 (152 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 30 (+10) DEX: 12 (+1) CON: 20 (+5) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 14 (+2)

SKILLS: Computers 2 (+4), Diplomacy 3 (+5), Intimidate 6 (+8), Language 3 (French, German, Spanish), Medicine 2 (+4), Notice 6 (+8), Perform: Singing 4 (+6), Pilot 2 (+3)

FEATS: Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 1, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Quick Change, Startle


  • Create Object 12 (Create up to 300 ft Cube of Earth, Innate, Progression x 2)
    • DAP: Earth Control 13 (Perception Range, 200 tons Maximum Load)
    • DAP: Snare 10 (Obscure Senses, Reversible)
    • AP: Earth Blast 10 (Split Attack)
    • AP: Area Earth Blast 9 (45 foot Burst Area)
    • AP: Burrowing 10 (Ranged)
  • Force Field 7 (Impervious, Ablative 10)
  • Leaping 4
    • AP: Flight 4 (100mph, Platform)
  • Super-Strength 2 (Groundstrike, Shockwave, Thunderclap)
  • Super-Senses 4 (Mineral Composition Analysis, Tremorsense)

COMBAT: Attack +10, Grapple +22, Damage +10, Defense +8, Knockback -5, Initiative +1

SAVES: Toughness 12 (12 flat-footed) Fortitude 5 Reflex 5 Will 5

Abilities 44 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 9 + Powers 57 + Combat 28 + Saves 7 – Drawbacks 0 = 152 / 153

Doctor Graphene

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