Identity: Gabriel Thorne
Occupation: Student
Other Aliases: Luke 1:19
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Place of Birth: Plainview, Texas
Known Relatives: Patrica Thorne (mother, deceased)
Group Affiliations: Army of God
Status: Active

Gabriel Thorne is a tall, lean Caucasian youth with striking ascetic features. A pair of large white wings sprout from his shoulder blades. As Luke 1:19, Thorne wore a white Roman tunic with gold sandals and wrist bracers. As Gabriel, he wears a simple white bodysuit with gold accents.


Gabriel Thorne was a lonely child. Pudgy and unattractive, he had a rough time in school and was a constant target for bullying. Gabriel’s only solace was his single mother, Patty, who doted on her “special angel”. Patty was a devout Christian and made sure her only child was “brought up right with God”. Gabriel loved his Bible studies, both for the exciting tales of ancient heroes and the promise of a better life in the next world. (He also rather enjoyed the thought of his tormentors suffering in eternal hellfire.)

Gabriel graduated high school near the top of his class but showed no interest in going to college. He preferred to stay at home and be near the only person who had ever showed him affection. When Patty was diagnosed with cancer, he was devastated. When the disease finally took her, he was broken.

Gabriel would have left a suicide note, but he couldn’t think of anyone who would care to read it. He locked himself in the garage, turned on his mother’s old Ford, and went to sleep expecting to wake up in the Lord’s arms.

Instead, he woke to find himself soaring in the night air above his sleepy little town. Gabriel’s suicide attempt had unlocked the residual Wiser Energy inside of him and activated his strange new powers. Landing near a placid pond, Gabriel saw his reflection and learned that his entire body had been transformed. He was now truly the “Special angel” his mother had always believed him to be.

There was no doubt in Gabriel’s mind that his new body was a gift from God, a taste in this life of the glory that awaits the faithful in the next. He knew that he must use his new abilities to spread the Word of God. It was what his mother would want for him, after all.

Gabriel’s calling eventually brought him into contact with the Reverend Louis Fell, one of his mother’s favorite evangelists. Fell embraced his new disciple, whom he saw as a sign from God to form his own team of Christian heroes to fight the Satanic forces arrayed against him. Gabriel was the first recruit, and his awe-inspiring presence helped convince several others to join Fell’s crusade.


Gabriel Thorne’s body was completely transformed by the activation of his paranormal powers. He is much taller and leaner than before, and unrecognizably handsomer. Most dramatically, large feathered wings now sprout from Thorne’s shoulder blades which allow him to fly. His cruising speed has been clocked around 250mph, though it is likely that this is not the upper limit of his capability.

Thorne’s new body possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. He no longer needs food, water, or oxygen to survive and has been exposed to numerous hazardous environments without ill effect.

Since his transformation, Thorne has demonstrated an increased rapport with people and a natural adeptness at manipulating others. He is also now capable of communicating in a wide variety of languages has never studied. Thorne calls this ability, “speaking in tongues”, and often cites it as proof of his divine nature.

Thorne can create a sword-like shape out of pure energy at will. This “fiery sword” can cut through solid steel and is his only offensive paranormal ability.


Despite his new body and powers, Gabriel Thorne remains a lonely little boy at heart. While he loves the adulation he receives as the figurehead of Fell’s crusade (especially from the ladies), he worries that Fell may not be the godly man he claims to be. Thorne is still more comfortable as a follower and not a leader, however, and is content where he is at for now. That may change in the very near future, for Thorne is growing in confidence and ability.

In battle, Thorne has yet to progress beyond charging at an opponent and whacking him with his flaming sword. However, Fell has been coaching him in using his new-found presence to intimidate and impress opponents before engaging in battle. Thorne has a deep hatred of bullies but has not yet developed the strength to stand up to them; he is likely to flee if Demoralized through a successful use of the Intimidate skill.



PL: 10 (150 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 22 (+6) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 24 (+7) INT: 12 (+1) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 24 (+7)

SKILLS: Computers 4 (+5), Intimidate 3 (+10), Know: Theology and Philosophy 4 (+5), Notice 7 (+10), Perform: Oratory 3 (+10), Sense Motive 7 (+10)

FEATS: Attack Focus 2 (Melee), Attractive 2, Fascinate (Oratory), Improved Critical 2 (flaming sword), Inspire 2


  • Comprehend 2 (all languages)
  • Flight 4 (100 MPH)
  • Immunity 10 (Aging, Life Support)
  • Protection 3
  • Strike 4 (flaming sword, Mighty)

COMBAT: Attack +8 (+10 Melee), Grapple +16, Damage +6 (unarmed), +10 (sword), Defense +10, Knockback –5, Initiative +4

SAVES: Toughness 10 (5 flat-footed), Fortitude 8, Reflex 8, Will 10

Abilities 56 + Skills 7 (28 ranks) + Feats 9 + Powers 30 + Combat 36 + Saves 12 – Drawbacks 0 = 150 / 150


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