Identity: William Buckford
Occupation: None
Other Aliases: Big Bill
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 8"
Weight: 540 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Place of Birth: Alton, Indiana
Known Relatives: Camille (mother), Joseph (father), Robert, Kerry (brothers)
Group Affiliations: The Marauders
Status: Incarcerated at the U.S. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility at Florence, Colorado.

William Buckford is a physical giant with an almost grotesquely exaggerated physique. His appearance is usually unkempt and unhygienic as he is not capable of looking after himself properly. Buckford typically wears nothing more than a ratty old pair of jeans and does not have a special uniform assocaited with his “Bull” identity.


“Baby Bill” was the youngest child of Camille Buckford, a widow struggling to raise her three boys in the rural midwest. When Bill was five years old, the Buckfords were nearly killed in a car accident. Bill’s paranormal abilities manifested while he was trapped in the wreckage of the family station wagon and he used his newfound strength to free himself, his mother, and his older siblings.

During the subsequent weeks, Bill’s body began to rapidly increase in size and mass. He required enormous amounts of food to fuel these changes, and his mother was unable to cope with the additional financial burden – let alone Bill’s super-powered tantrums. When she was contacted by a woman claiming to represent a government agency dealing with paranormals, Camille felt she had no choice but to relinquish care of Bill to this stranger.

The mysterious woman was in actuality the Mechanician, who was gathering a group of “test subjects” to pit against the young heroes know as the Sentries. Bill’s raw power and rather malleable personality made him ideal for the task. He was given the codename of “Bull” (though he resisted any attempt to dress him in a supervillain costume) and enlisted as muscle for the Mechanician’s new team of Mauraders.

The Marauders were eventually defeated by the Sentries and Bull wound up in prison. His life since then has been spent institutionalized, save for the occasional break-out organized by his old teammates or other criminals in need of someone with his power. As a result he has clashed with the Sentries several times over the years and has developed a particular hatred for the Matrix4, who has been rather rude to him.

Tragically, Bill’s mind has never developed past the stage at which he gained his paranormal abilities. It is unknown whether this is a side effect of his powers or an intellectual disability Buckford was born with. Because of this and (perhaps more importantly) his status as a ward of the state, Bull has been the subject of many experiments intended to “cure” paranormal abilities. He has grown to hate doctors and scientists as a result.


Bull is one of the strongest paranormals on Earth. He is immune to most forms of physical damage and has enormous endurance; on one occasion, he was observed holding his breath underwater for nearly twenty minutes.

Bull can leap incredible distances using his powerful leg muscles. While an upper limit on this ability has not been measured, he has been known to swat helicopters out of the sky.


While chronologically in his mid-thirties, William Buckford retains the mind of a child. An ill-tempered, rather spoiled child. Bull needs to be coaxed or bribed into performing any action that does not satisfy his immediate desires. He is not truly evil, just selfish – left to his own devices, Buckford would not be capable of crimes more complicated than petty theft and simple assault.

Bull’s simple-mindedness is evident in combat. Buckford will focus on one opponent until he is battered into submission. He loves using the biggest object at hand as a bludgeon or missile weapon. If an enemy actually manages to hurt Bull, Buckford will devote all of his attention to him. He will also remember the injury during future encounters.


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