Energized Enforcer


Identity: Shawn Tory Foster
Occupation: Criminal
Other Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Place of Birth: Ford Heights, IL
Known Relatives: Ida Tory (grandmother, deceased), Shawna Tory (mother)
Group Affiliations: Known associate of Anteus.
Status: Active

Shawn Foster is an African-American man of average height and muscular build. As BlastX, Foster wears a black bodysuit with neon green piping, a matching full mask, and a visor with a single lens of the same neon green color.


Shawn Foster grew up in Ford Heights, an impoverished suburb trapped in a downward spiral of economic collapse, corruption, and crime. Foster gave into the despair of his surroundings at an early age and he became involved in gang activity while still in grade school. By the time he was a high school sophomore, Foster was running his own crew and was well on his way to becoming a major player in the local underworld. He lived by the credo that violence brought power, power brought money, and money was the only way out of Ford Heights.

Foster’s schemes were dashed when the young vigilante known as MasterBlast raided his drug lair. While Foster managed to escape, his operation was crippled as most of his gang and all of his “product” were turned over to police. Foster’s route out of Ford Heights was being blocked by costumed do-gooders who wielded more power than he had ever dreamed of, and he would have to somehow adapt if he wished to thrive.

Which is why Foster was one of the first volunteers when Anteus returned to the Midwest seeking guinea pigs for paranormal experiments. Most of those subjected to intense bombardment of Wiser Energy died horribly, but Foster was a rare success. Anteus helped the younger criminal master his new powers and elevated Foster within his criminal organization. Foster adopted the nom de guerre of BlastX and thrived under the older paranormal’s wing. BlastX had repeated run-ins with the Sentries while in service with Anteus and his dislike of MasterBlast developed into full-blown hatred as a result.

Foster eventually struck out on his own and began offering his services as muscle for hire. He worked on capers all over the world and came into contact with a wide variety of heroes and villains. On a job back in the US, BlastX was apprehended by the Sentries and sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence. While Foster was incarcerated, his former mentor gave up his criminal activities and received a presidential pardon. Anteus’ retirement and a city-wide crackdown on gangs has left a void in the Chicago underworld that Foster is hoping to fill.


BlastX’s most notable power is the ability to generate bolts of superheated plasma in the form of neon green energy beams. These beams are extremely hazardous and can disintegrate nearly any material with prolonged contact. BlastX is highly adept at manipulating the plasma to generate a variety of effects, such as increasing the temperature of the beams to produce a dehydrating heat wave or altering the ionization of the beam to conduct an intense electrical shock as an after effect. While BlastX appears to emit his plasma bursts from his eyes, he also achieves flight by generating plasma from his lower body. This would seem to indicate that his eye-beams are either a psychological limitation or a stylistic choice.

BlastX can shift his vision into the infrared and is immune to the debilitating effects of extreme temperatures. These abilities are side benefits of his plasma manipulation.

Finally, BlastX possesses strength and endurance just beyond the peak limits of human ability.


Shawn Foster is an abrasive individual with no close friends. He is very critical of those around him and will pick up on – and pick apart – the slightest mistakes or faults. The only person that Foster acknowledges as an equal, let alone a superior, is Anteus, whom he looks upon as a surrogate father.

BlastX has spent most of his career as a hired thug, but since his release from prison his old ambitions have resurfaced. He has been renewing old contacts and organizing the remnants of gangs decimated by recent crackdowns. On some level, Foster realizes that he just isn’t smart enough to be a successful criminal mastermind, but he feels it is his due after long years in the business. For this reason, BlastX is extremely unlikely to take a contract these days unless the pay is obscenely high, the job involves a chance to kill MasterBlast, or the request comes from Anteus.

In combat, BlastX will strenuously avoid confined environments in order to use his flight and ranged capabilities to their utmost advantage. He will strafe opponents with his various blasts, trying to find the one that is most effective against each given foe, and focus on other fliers and energy projectors first before taking his time with earthbound adversaries.



PL: 11 (165 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 24 (+7) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 24 (+7) INT: 10 (0) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 14 (+2)

SKILLS: Gather Info 6 (+8), Intimidate 8 (+10), Know: Streetwise 8 (+8), Notice 9 (+10), Sense Motive 8 (+9), Stealth 5 (+8)

FEATS: Attack Focus (Ranged) 2, Connected, Dodge Focus 2, Improved Critical 2 (Plasma Blast), Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Shot 2, Startle


  • Flight 7
  • Immunity 4 (Cold, Heat, Radiation, and High Altitudes)
  • Plasma Control 10 (Penetrating)
    • AP: Blast 10 (Plasma, Autofire)
    • AP: Blast 10 (Plasma and Electricity, Secondary)
    • AP: Drain Toughness 10 (Plasma, Ranged, Affects Objects Only)
    • AP: Stun Blast 10 (Heat, Ranged Stun)
  • Protection 4
  • Super-Senses 1 (Infravision)

COMBAT: Attack +10 (+12 Ranged), Grapple +18, Damage +10 (Plasma Blast, Crit on 18-20), Defense +11, Knockback -5, Initiative +3

SAVES: Toughness 11 (5 flat-footed), Fortitude 8, Reflex 5, Will 5

Abilities 40 + Skills 11 (44 ranks) + Feats 12 + Powers 57 + Combat 38 + Saves 7 – Drawbacks 0 = 165 / 165


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