Black Mamba

Kung Fu Dynamite


Identity: Lt. Col. Stacey Sherwood, USAF
Occupation: Pilot
Other Aliases: MasterBlast
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Known Relatives: Marissa (wife), Ethan (son), Kiara (daughter), Danielle (mother), Christopher and Franklin (brothers).
Group Affiliations: The Pacific Knights
Status: Inactive as the Black Mamba

Stacey Sherwood is a handsome African-American male of above average height and trim build. As the Black Mamba, he wore a black and red bodysuit with a serpentine pattern and a matching full mask.


The Black Mamba was an alternate identity used by MasterBlast for a short period after Anteus had discovered his secret identity. As the Black Mamba, MasterBlast was able to continue his activities against Anteus’ various criminal enterprises without fear of reprisal. Operating primarily on the West Coast, the Black Mamba came into contact with several local crimefighters, and eventually joined the Los Angeles based superteam, the Pacific Knights.

MasterBlast abandoned the Black Mamba identity when he had finally gathered enough evidence to connect Anteus to his mob activities.


As the Black Mamba, MasterBlast used his paranormal strength and agility to pass himself off as someone with advanced martial arts training. He helped perpetuate the guise by refraining from the use of his full strength and flight powers while in the Black Mamba costume.

The Black Mamba carried a pair of ‘’power sai’’ into battle. When he needed to use his power blasts, the Mamba would make it look as though the energy emanated from one of the sai and not his own body. In reality, the sai were mundane martial arts weapons with no special abilities.

Black Mamba

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