Assassin, the

Mysterious Gun for Hire


Identity: Unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Other Aliases: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown, estimated at 5’ 9"
Weight: Unknown, estimated at 150 lbs.
Hair: Unknown, possible Brown
Eyes: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: None
Status: Wanted by NEST and the FBI.

Scant verified information is available on the Assassin and she is known to use frequent disguises. She is believed to be an androgynous-looking Caucasian woman of above average height and muscular build.


The Assassin is the name by which the Sentries refer to a mysterious operative they have encountered at least twice. The first incident occurred when she was engaged by Anteus to provide extra security for one of his secret installations. She seriously injured Steel Cobra and left him for dead after noticing him investigate the site in his civilian identity. When the Sentries later stormed the base, the Assassin provided fire support for Anteus’ forces but fled the scene after her employer was defeated.

The Sentries met her again when she attempted to kill the hero called Overdrive. This hit may have been personally motivated, as the Assassin gave indications of a link between herself and Tricia de Vries, a young woman who was killed during a botched bank robbery Overdrive had dealt with. The Assassin was apparently satisfied with “just” crippling Overdrive with a rifle shot and once again eluded capture.

As the Assassin has demonstrated great skill with disguises, it is possible that she has opposed the Sentries on other occasions without their knowledge.


The Assassin has demonstrated great skill with conventional firearms and unarmed combat, is a master of disguise, and is stealthy enough to get the drop on Steel Cobra and Overdrive. It is likely that she has a military background as she has also shown expertise with tactics, surveillance techniques, and the use of explosives. It is not known if the Assassin has any paranormal abilities, but in her conflicts with the Sentries she was capable enough to hold her own against super-powered opposition.


The Assassin is all business. She doesn’t talk much and when she does she’s probably lying. She will not directly confront paranormals, preferring to use weapons such as sniper rifles and explosives that keep her well out of harm’s way. The Assassin is not above threatening innocent bystanders or using a hero’s loved ones as hostages. She is a dangerous enemy and should not be underestimated due to her lack of obvious paranormal abilities.

Assassin, the

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