The Most Dangerous Man Alive


Identity: Adam Jerrod
Occupation: Bio-physicist
Other Aliases: Adam Newman
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 6"
Weight: 480 lbs.
Hair: Bald (formerly Brown)
Eyes: Blue
Place of Birth: New Canaan, Connecticut
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: Former associate of Neutron Man, former ties to various organized crime groups.
Status: Inactive, criminal record expunged

Adam Jerrod is a massively built Caucasian male. As Anteus, he wears a simple brown uniform, wrist bracers, and boots.


Dr. Adam Jerrod was a work colleague and lover of Alberta Wiser during the time she discovered and gained access to the Wiser Dimension. Over time, exposure to the strange energies native to that realm changed Jerrod, enhancing his intellect and granting him incredible superhuman strength and resistance to harm. However, his massive new physique placed a strain on his heart that aggravated an existing congenital defect. When current medical science proved incapable of dealing with the condition that was slowly killing him, Jerrod became determined to find a cure through paranormal means.

Needing a steady influx of cash to fund his research, Jerrod began working as an enforcer for a criminal organization operating in southern California and adopted the nom de guerre of Anteus. He chafed under the leadership of lesser intellects and within the year had used his mental and physical prowess to gain control of the gang. Jerrod quickly extended the reach and influence of his growing criminal empire, and soon controlled the majority of human trafficking and the drug trade in the western United States.

Jerrod’s illegal activities eventually brought him into conflict with MasterBlast and the two crossed swords repeatedly over the course of several months. Neither party was able to gain the upper hand until Anteus managed to discover MasterBlast’s true identity and used this information to blackmail the Sentry into leaving his criminal operations alone. However, the young hero was not deterred. He created a new costumed identity for himself, the Black Mamba, and continued his campaign against Anteus in this guise. The Black Mamba worked around the clock smashing the supervillain’s criminal network and gathering the evidence needed to bring down the big man himself.

Meanwhile, Jerrod’s research into a cure for his heart condition had reached a dead end. With time running out, he decided that instead of fruitlessly attempting to heal his current body, he would simply make himself a new one. Jerrod used his gizmoteering ability to create a fully grown clone of himself, one biologically engineered to handle the strain of Anteus’ incredible strength. He also created a device that he believed would transfer his mind into the clone at the precise moment of his natural body’s death. With his criminal empire crumbling, his health failing, and law enforcement hot on his trail, Jerrod decided it was time to move on.

Anteus, aided by the paranormal mercenary known only as Neutron Man, launched an all-out attack on MasterBlast and his allies in a battle that raged across the heart of Chicago. Millions of dollars worth of property damage resulted, most notably when Anteus plummeted through all 108 stories of the Sears Tower and then dug his way through the sub-levels towards the Chicago River. In the final moments of the conflict, Anteus wrecked Univox’ armor and snapped the neck of the young Sentry called Tempest before being apparently killed by a combined, last-ditch attack from MasterBlast and Univox.

Despite their losses, the Sentries achieved a Pyrrhic victory They were acquitted of any fault in Anteus’ death when an autopsy revealed he had actually died of heart failure. And the team secured a new headquarters in the top floors of the Sears Tower in return for their assistance in rebuilding the structure.

But from Adam Jerrod’s point of view, his triumph was complete. He would no longer be plagued by costumed do-gooders, for as far as the world was concerned Anteus was dead. More importantly, the transfer of his consciousness into his clone was successful and his new body showed no signs of any physical defects. Furthermore, Jerrod had liquidated most of his assets before his “demise” and transferred the money to off-shore accounts. That he had suffered some mild memory loss (including knowledge of MasterBlast’s identity) during the mind transfer was of little concern. Jerrod was young, healthy, wealthy, and free.

Jerrod moved his operations to a hidden base located on the shores of Lake Michigan. He continued his research into paranormal biology undisturbed for the next several years. However, a chance encounter with a Sentry vacationing near Jerrod’s base led to the entire team storming his lair seeking vengeance for their fallen comrade. After another epic battle, Anteus was finally defeated by the combined might of the superhero team and handed over to NEST.

Anteus’ trial was a complicated mess that dragged on for years, a case with legal, paranormal, and metaphysical implications that few jurists were equipped to handle. Jerrod’s lawyers argued that Adam Jerrod had been declared physically and legally dead and therefore his clone was a completely separate entity not responsible for any of Anteus’ crimes. Eventually, the Supreme Court agreed. Without evidence of any wrongdoing committed by the Jerrod clone himself (his battle with the Sentries was ruled as self-defense), he was acquitted of all charges and released.

The resulting public furor abated when Jerrod released many of the procedures and patents he had discovered while searching for a cure for his heart condition. Some commentators suggested that by doing so the clone was saving many more lives than Anteus had ever endangered. In recognition of both his philanthropic efforts and the Supreme Court’s decision regarding his legal status, Jerrod received a presidential pardon in 1998.

Since that time, the clone has faded from view. His last public act was to adopt the name of “Adam Newman” before retiring to a quiet life of medical research. Despite constant scrutiny by NEST and other agencies, there has been no sign that Adam Newman has any plans to resurrect Anteus’ criminal career.


Anteus possesses physical strength and resistance to harm far exceeding that of any other known paranormal. Anteus draws his might from Earth’s gravitational field and originally grew exponentially weaker the father away he was from the center of the planet (hence his preference for underground lairs). Anteus’ current cloned body was engineered to overcome this limitation and he now retains his full strength at any altitude within Earth’s troposphere.

Anteus can also use his connection to Earth’s gravity to root himself in place and become a literal “immovable object”. While using this power, he has resisted all attempts to move him, including through the use of the White Dwarf’s gravity control powers.

Dr. Adam Jerrod is an accomplished polymath, though except for his advanced degrees in quantum mechanics he remains largely self-taught. He has shown particular expertise in computer science, genetics, and bioengineering. While Jerrod has developed many NewTech innovations, his exposure to Wiser Energy has also granted him the ability to create devices that seemingly violate the laws of science. Anteus has used this ability in the past to develop weapons tailored for use against specific enemies.


Put simply, Anteus is the most dangerous man alive. His incredible intellect, his gizmoteering skills, and his raw physical power make for a threat unmatched by any other living being. Adam Jerrod is keenly aware of his superiority and will always remain calm and confident no matter what the situation.

Despite his incredible physical power, Anteus prefers to avoid physical conflict. He will instead use his genius to manipulate events from behind the scenes. Coercion, blackmail, and bribery are his favorite tools and he enjoys striking at his enemies through unwitting agents. If “hands-on” work is required, Anteus will delegate the task to a trusted lieutenant such as Neutron Man. Anteus will never directly confront his enemies unless no other option is available and he has stacked the odds overwhelmingly in his favor.



PL: 13 (243 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 40(+15) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 40 (+15) INT: 26 (+8) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 14 (+2)

SKILLS: Computers 4 (+12), Diplomacy 8 (+10), Gather Info 8 (+10), Intimidate 13 (+15), Know: Life Sciences 7 (+15), Language 2 (German, Hebrew), Medicine 12 (+15), Notice 7 (+10), Sense Motive 5 (+8)

FEATS: All-out Attack, Attack Focus 1 (Melee), Benefit 4 (Wealth), Chokehold, Connected, Distract (Intimidate), Equipment 10 (Irassa, 28 EP of other equipment), Fearless, Improved Grab, Inventor, Jack-of-All-Trades, Master Plan, Minions 16 (50 Spartoí, Fanatical), Startle, Takedown Attack


  • Immovable 10
  • Immunity 5 (Cold, Critical Hits, Heat, High Pressure, Radiation)
  • Impervious 12
  • Leaping 5
  • Super-Senses 3 (Tremorsense)
  • Super-Strength 3 (Heavy Load 25.6 tons, Max Load 51.2 tons)
    • Groundstrike, Thunderclap,

COMBAT: Attack +10 (Melee +11), Grapple +29, Damage +15 (Unarmed), Defense +10, Knockback -23, Initiative +3

SAVES: Toughness 15 (12 Impervious), Fortitude 15, Reflex 5 Will 10

Abilities 92 + Skills 17 (68 ranks) + Feats 42 + Powers 43 + Combat 40 + Saves 9 – Drawbacks 0 = 243 / 243


The Sentries Preterite